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X86 Embedded Panel PC (D) Dynamic Series 10.4 inch Industrial Tablet PC
10.4 inch Industrial Tablet PC
  • Windows 10 10.4 inch Industrial Tablet PC
  • Windows 10.4 inch Industrial Tablet PC
  • Best 10.4 inch Industrial Tablet PC
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  • Windows 7 10.4 inch Industrial Tablet PC
  • 10.4 inch Industrial Tablet PC

    1. Based on Intel Celeron J4125, Quad-core & Quad-thread, upto 2.70 GHz
    2. The industrial tablet PC is manufactured using sheet metal technology with high precision and flatness



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    Part No. D100-104
    Operation System Windows 7/ Windows 10/ Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019/ 2021/ Linux (trial version)
    On board CPU Intel Celeron J4125, Quad-core & Quad-thread, upto 2.70 GHz
    RAM (DDR4) 4GB (8GB optional)
    ROM (NVMe) 64GB (128GB/ 256GB/ 512GB/ 1TB for optional)
    Network Ethernet 1000M
    Wi-Fi, IEEE802.11 ac 2.4G & 5G
    Bluetooth 4.0
    Main display 10.4 inch IPS LCD, 1024*768, 4:3
    Touch panel Capacitive 10 point touch, ILITEK ILI2511 controller
    Interfaces USB 3.0* 2
    USB 2.0* 2
    COM* 2 ( expandable to 6 COM ports total)
    RJ45 (LAN)* 1
    HD* 1
    VGA* 1
    MIC in *1
    Audio out * 1
    DC in (12V 5A) * 1
    Optional function Wide voltage terminal
    GPIO terminal
    LPT port
    Packing Info Net weight: 2.2kg
    Gross weight: 3.2kg (Included accessories)
    Packing size: 46*35*11cm







    Q: What's the difference between a touchscreen display and a Pole display?
    A: In terms of where they're used, a touchscreen display is typically placed on the operator's side, while a Pole display is positioned for the customer; when it comes to their features, touchscreen displays have larger screens with ample visual space, whereas Pole displays have smaller screens primarily for showing essential information to customers.

    Q: How long do Mini PCs last?
    A: The lifespan of a Mini PC, like any electronic devices, can vary based on several factors. On average, you can expect a Mini PC to last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, but this can change based on how and where you use it.

    Q: Is Roaweo a manufacturer?
    A: Yes, Roaweo is a professional manufacturer of mini computers, integrating research and development, production, and sales.

    Q: Should I buy SATA SSD or NVMe?
    A: It depends on your needs. Compared to traditional storage interfaces like SATA, NVMe provides significantly faster performance. It leverages the PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) interface, allowing for direct communication between the CPU and the SSD. This results in reduced latency and improved overall system responsiveness.

    Q: What is Wi-Fi 4?
    A: Wi-Fi 4, or 802.11n, is a wireless network standard designed for faster data transmission and better signal stability. It introduced MIMO technology, using multiple antennas for enhanced performance and coverage. Wi-Fi 4 operates in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, achieving higher data rates with wider channel bandwidth. Despite newer standards, Wi-Fi 4 remains common in home, small office networks, and embedded devices. Typical data rates can reach up to 600 Mbps.



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