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Roaweo U Series Embedded Industrial Tablet: Ideal for High-end Industry


Roaweo U Series Embedded Industrial Tablet: Ideal for High-end Industry

Nachrichten     July 18, 2024
Industrial automation control and intelligent manufacturing are the core technologies of modern industry, which greatly improve production efficiency, product quality, and process stability. In order to effectively support these complex industrial application requirements, Roaweo has launched a higher-performance U(Ultra) series embedded industrial tablet. In terms of hardware configuration, the U series embedded industrial tablet

Roaweo Team Table Tennis Competition Ended Successfully

Nachrichten     July 16, 2024
Table tennis is one of the favorite sports of the Roaweo team. In order to let everyone relax at work, the Roaweo team and Sunany Group held a table tennis competition together on July 11. On that day, 52 team members gathered at the table tennis table of Sunany Group to enjoy the passionate

Roaweo D Series Embedded Tablet Computer: Cost-effective Industrial Solution

Nachrichten     June 19, 2024
In the selection of industrial equipment, cost-effectiveness is an important consideration. In response to the demand, Roaweo has introduced the cost-effective D (Dynamic) series embedded tablet computer, designed specifically for industrial environments and combining affordability and reliability. In terms of product design, the D series embedded tablet computer adopts sheet metal technology. Compared to

Roaweo Products Debuted at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024

Nachrichten     June 12, 2024
The COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024 was held at Halls 1 und 2 of the Nangang Exhibition Center from June 4 to 7. As Asia's most representative professional information technology exhibition, the 2024 COMPUTEX TAIPEI brought together 1,500 leading technology companies from around the world, with a total of 14 exhibition areas and 4,500 booths, attracting

2024 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Announcement

Nachrichten     June 5, 2024
As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, we would like to extend our sincerest wishes for a happy and safe holiday. Please be informed that Roaweo will be observing the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in June. Dragon Boat Festival Holiday: June 8th, 2024 ~ June 10th, 2024 During this period, our offices and warehouses will

Roaweo Launches New Product Series - Industrial Embedded Tablets

Nachrichten     June 3, 2024
With the rapid development of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, the demand for industrial-embedded tablets as crucial tools for industrial control and data collection is growing. To better meet the needs of various industrial scenarios, Roaweo's engineering team has developed and launched a new series of industrial-embedded tablets. This new product includes three different

Roaweo Team Fun-Filled Two-Day Trip in Qingyuan

Nachrichten     Mai 28, 2024
From May 25th to 26th, 2024, the Roaweo team embarked on an exciting trip to Qingyuan together with the Sunany Group. This trip allowed everyone to relax, relieve work pressure, and enhance mutual understanding among colleagues. At nine o'clock in the morning on May 25th, we packed up and drove to Qingyuan. After a

Roaweo Launches New Mini PC H50 with Triple Video Output

Nachrichten     Mai 15, 2024
We are pleased to introduce to you the latest member of the H series of Roaweo Mini PCs: the H50 Mini PC. The H50 Mini PC is designed to meet the diverse needs of users. Whether it is used as the core of a home entertainment system, a digital signage display, an office workstation, …

2024 Ankündigung des Feiertags zum Internationalen Tag der Arbeit

Nachrichten     April 25, 2024
Der Internationale Tag der Arbeit steht vor der Tür, wir möchten Sie über unseren Urlaubsplan bei Roaweo informieren. Feiertagszeit zum Internationalen Tag der Arbeit: 1. Mai, 2024 ~ 5. Mai, 2024 Der Internationale Tag der Arbeit ist ein bedeutender Anlass, um an die Beiträge der Arbeiter weltweit und die Errungenschaften der Arbeiterbewegung zu erinnern. Es dient als …

Introducing The New Industrial-Grade Mini PC T20 by Roaweo

Nachrichten     April 23, 2024
Here comes Roaweo new industrial product: T20 Mini PC. This compact yet powerful device is designed to meet the demands of various industrial applications, offering a reliable and efficient computing solution. The T20 Mini PC is based on the Intel Gemini lake J4125 Processor, a quad-core processor with 4 threads from 2.0 GHz to

Roaweo präsentiert innovative Mini-PC-Lösungen auf der Computex 2024

Nachrichten     April 1, 2024
Roaweo, ein Mini-PC-Hersteller, engagiert sich für die Bereitstellung hochwertiger Mini-PC-Produkte und -Lösungen für Kunden auf der ganzen Welt, freut sich, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass wir im Juni an der Computex in Taipeh teilnehmen werden 2024. Die detaillierte Anordnung ist unten dargestellt: Ausstellungsdatum: 4th ~ 7. Juni Standnummer: S0303 Bereich: InnoVEX-Adresse: …

2024 Ankündigung des Qingming-Festes zum Feiertag

Nachrichten     März 27, 2024
Das traditionelle Qingming-Fest rückt immer näher, Wir möchten Sie über unseren bevorstehenden Feiertagsplan für diesen besonderen Anlass informieren. Feiertag des Qingming-Festes : 4. April, 2024 ~ 6. April, 2024 Das Qingming-Fest, auch bekannt als Tomb-Sweeping Day, ist eine Zeit, in der wir unsere Vorfahren ehren, denjenigen Respekt zollen, die …

Roaweo’s Chinese New Year’s Greetings in Year of The Dragon

Nachrichten     February 9, 2024
As the Chinese New Year 2024 is approaching, we at Roaweo would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you and share our major achievements in 2023. Since Roaweo became independent from Sunany in the second half of 2022, we have specialized in manufacturing and exporting mini PC products. In just

Roaweo Launches Mini PC C90: Powerful Support for Industrial IoT and Control Applications

Nachrichten     Januar 23, 2024
In today's digital era, mini PCs have become the ideal choice for a variety of applications, especially in the industrial IoT and control field. Roaweo, a dedicated mini PC manufacturer, recently released the new mini PC C90, which will bring a new experience to users with its modern computing and powerful performance. The C90

Roaweo's 2024 Ankündigung der chinesischen Neujahrsfeiertage

Nachrichten     Januar 20, 2024
Das Frühlingsfest rückt näher, Die Firma Roaweo steht kurz davor, die jährlichen Frühlingsfestferien einzuläuten. Zu diesem festlichen Anlass, Wir möchten allen unseren aufrichtigen Segen und unsere Grüße aussprechen. Wie in der 2024 Hinweis zu Feiertagen in China, Roaweo freut sich, Ihnen unseren bevorstehenden Urlaubsplan mitteilen zu können: Feder …

Roaweo Team Neujahrsparty Tag

Nachrichten     Januar 3, 2024
On January 3, Roaweo team participated in the interesting activities of Party Day initiated by Sunany Group. On that day, 52 members gathered at Pinghu Wanda Plaza to enjoy the energetic event. At the start of the event, 52 members were divided into two teams: the Pink Team and the Green Team. The event

Roaweo's 2024 Ankündigung der Neujahrsfeiertage

Nachrichten     Dezember 25, 2023
Das Jahr 2023 is coming to an end, and we are on the brink of welcoming the promising yet challenging year 2024. Following the 2023 China Public Holiday Notice, Roaweo's New Year's Day holiday schedule is outlined below: 2024 Neujahrsferien: December 30th, 2023 - January 1st, 2024 In 2023, Roaweo faced many

Roaweo präsentiert den neuesten Mini-PC auf der COMPUTEX und GITEX 2024

Nachrichten     Dezember 19, 2023
Roaweo freut sich, seine Teilnahme an zwei großen Ausstellungen in 2024: COMPUTEX und GITEX. Die COMPUTEX findet in Taipeh statt, Taiwan, ab Juni 4-7. Zusätzlich, Roaweo feiert sein Debüt auf der InnoVEX, ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der COMPUTEX. Die Präsenz von Roaweo auf der InnoVEX-Messe bietet eine ideale Plattform, um …
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