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Schilder Customize logo for mini computer

Metal Sticker LOGO Customization - OEM-Service für Mini-Computer

  Maßgeschneiderte Inhalte: Logo or Pattern Customized Color: Monochrome or two-color Sticker Logo Paste Position: Flat surface Minimum Order Quantity: Free for 10 Mini-Computer Vorlaufzeit: 5 days Files Format Required: PSD, AI, CDR or PNG Advantages: 1. Metal sticker logo sticks to any flat surface of the mini computer case; …

Laser Engraving LOGO Customization - OEM-Service für Mini-PC

Custom Content: LOGO, Pattern, Phone Number, Website Link, etc. Customized Color: Monochrome Compatible Material: Aluminum Alloy Minimum Order Quantity: Kostenlos für Bestellungen von 10 units mini PC Lead Time: 1 days Files format required: PSD, AI, CDR or PNG Remark: PNG files needs large format and transparent background Advantages: 1. Unlimited content, you

Fehlerbehebung bei häufigen Netzwerkproblemen in Mini-PCs

As a dedicated mini PC manufacturer, Roaweo understands that network connectivity is critical to your work and entertainment experience. In diesem Artikel, we would like to share some common network connection problems and their solutions to help you better use our products. 1. Unable to Connect to A Wi-Fi Network Issue: When you try

Neuer Microsoft Mini-Computer

Teile-Nr. C90 Operation System Windows 10/ Fenster 11/ Fenster 10 LTSC für Unternehmen 2019/ 2021/ Linux (Englisch) (Testversion) On board CPU Intel 12th Gen Celeron N100 Processor, Quad-Kern & Vierfach-Gewinde, upto 3.4GHz RAM (DDR4-Schnittstelle) 8GB (16GB optional) ROM (M.2 NVMe) 256GB (128GB / 512 GB / 1 TB / 2 TB / 4 TB optional) Netzwerk Ethernet 1000M Wi-Fi, IEEE802.11 ac 2.5G …

Micro-Mini-Computer kann nicht gestartet werden - Fehler beim Starten des Betriebssystems

Failure to start the operating system is a common failure of micro mini computers. It generally means that the micro mini computer starts, but cannot load the operating system, displays an error message or black screen. There are many factors that may cause this problem. Based on experience, the Roaweo support team believes that

Roaweo's 2024 Chinese New Year Holiday Announcement

As the Spring Festival is approaching, Roaweo company is about to usher in the annual Spring Festival holiday. On this festive occasion, we would like to extend our most sincere blessings and greetings to everyone. As outlined in the 2024 China Public Holidays Notice, Roaweo is pleased to share our upcoming holiday schedule: Spring

Roaweo Team's 2023 Team-building Trip in Hunan

Roaweo Team and Sunany Group are excited to announce our team-building trip in Hunan Province, China in November 2023. While our office is briefly closed during this time, we're dedicated to meeting your essential inquiries. We firmly believe that team-building activities are fundamental to our company's culture, promoting collaboration, nurturing creativity, and strengthening the

Manuelle Anpassung - OEM-Service für Mini-Computer

  Maßgeschneiderte Inhalte: Keine Begrenzung Kundenspezifische Größe: Keine Begrenzung Kundenspezifische Farbe: Monochromes oder mehrfarbiges Papiermaterial: Beschichtetes Papier Mindestbestellmenge: Kostenlos für Bestellungen von 1000 Mini-Computer Vorlaufzeit: 15 Tage Erforderliche Dateien: Das Dokument enthält alle Inhalte, die Sie in das Handbuch aufnehmen möchten.   Vorteile eines maßgeschneiderten …

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