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Metal Sticker LOGO Customization - OEM-Service für Mini-Computer

  Maßgeschneiderte Inhalte: Logo or Pattern Customized Color: Monochrome or two-color Sticker Logo Paste Position: Flat surface Minimum Order Quantity: Free for 10 Mini-Computer Vorlaufzeit: 5 days Files Format Required: PSD, Künstliche Intelligenz, CDR or PNG Advantages: 1. Metal sticker logo sticks to any flat surface of the mini computer case; …

Label Customization - OEM-Service für Mini-Computer

  Maßgeschneiderte Inhalte: brand, Modell, website Link, configuration details, QR code and any text content Customized Color: Monochrome Customized Position: package surface and the bottom of mini PC Minimum Order Quantity: Kostenlos für Bestellungen von 10 units mini PC Label Material: coated paper sticker or matte PET silver sticker Files Required: a document includes

Boot Image Customization - OEM-Service für Mini-PC

  Benutzerdefinierte Inhalte: Keine Begrenzung (LOGO und Grafiken empfohlen) Customized Size: No limit Minimum Order Quantity: Kostenlos für Bestellungen von 10 Einheiten Mini-PC Vorlaufzeit: 1 Tage Erforderliche Dateien: PNG, JPG, BMP, PSD, etc.   Advantages of a customized boot image: 1. Elevate brand image, leaving a lasting impression on customers; 2. No

Manuelle Anpassung - OEM-Service für Mini-Computer

  Maßgeschneiderte Inhalte: Keine Begrenzung Kundenspezifische Größe: Keine Begrenzung Kundenspezifische Farbe: Monochromes oder mehrfarbiges Papiermaterial: Beschichtetes Papier Mindestbestellmenge: Kostenlos für Bestellungen von 1000 Mini-Computer Vorlaufzeit: 15 Tage Erforderliche Dateien: Das Dokument enthält alle Inhalte, die Sie in das Handbuch aufnehmen möchten.   Vorteile eines maßgeschneiderten …

2023 Mid-Autumn Festival & Chinese National Day Holiday Announcement

Chinese National Day in coming, as we observe this historic day, it's an excellent opportunity to reflect on China's remarkable journey of growth and development over the years. We can also take pride in the achievements and contributions of China on the global stage, including its economic advancements, cultural richness, and technological innovations. Let's

Roaweo's Global Recruitment Plan for 2023

Position 1: Electronic Design Engineers (2 positions) Responsibilities: Design and develop electronic hardware solutions computing devices. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integration of electronic components. Conduct testing and troubleshooting to identify and resolve hardware issues. Stay updated on industry trends and technological advancements to enhance product performance. Qualifications: Bachelor's or Master's degree in Electrical

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