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X86 Industrial Mini PC Six COM & Dual LAN Series Embedded PC Box Windows 10
Embedded PC Box Windows 10
  • Embedded PC Box Windows 10 cost
  • Embedded PC Box Windows 10 six serial ports
  • Embedded PC Box Windows 10 dual lan
  • Embedded PC Box Windows 10 fanless
  • Six serial Embedded PC Box Windows 10
  • Embedded PC Box Windows 10

    1. Embedded PC Box supports Windows 10 operating system, also supports Windows 11 operating system
    2. Intel 9th generation Celeron J4125 solution, has performance comparable to the i5 5th generation processor

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    Part No. C60
    Operation System Windows 10/ Windows 11/ Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019/ 2021/ Linux (trial version)
    On board CPU Intel Pentium J4125, Quad-core & Quad-thread, upto 2.7GHz
    RAM (DDR4) 8GB (4GB optional)
    ROM (mSATA) 128GB (64GB/ 256GB/ 512GB/ 1TB optional)
    Network Ethernet 1000M
    Wi-Fi, IEEE802.11 ac 2.5G & 5G
    Bluetooth 4.0
    Interfaces USB 3.0* 4
    USB 2.0* 2
    COM (RS232)* 6
    RJ45 (LAN)* 2
    HDMI* 1
    VGA* 1
    Audio * 1
    DC in* 1 (12V 5A)
    Packing Info Net weight: 1.05kg
    Gross weight: 1.78kg (Included accessories)
    Packing size: 32*26*12cm



    Q: What types of plugs do your mini computers come with?
    A: We typically offer a selection of European, British, American, and Australian AC plugs, with ample stock available. Other specifications can also be provided, please let us know your requirements in advance.

    Q: In which situations can PD70 and PD101 pole monitors be used?
    A: Pole monitors are suitable for any scenario that involves customer interaction, such as reception desks, payment counters, cash registers, and more. You can display information intended for customers on the pole monitor.

    Q: Could you provide an introduction to Roaweo?
    A: Roaweo operates as a team within the Sunany Group, founded in October 2022. Its focus lies in the research, production, and sales of customer-centric mini computer solutions.

    Q: How do DDR4 and DDR5 difference?
    A: DDR4 and DDR5 differ in terms of memory type. DDR5 surpasses DDR4 in speed and efficiency, resulting in heightened application responsiveness and accelerated file transfers. The increased memory capacity within the same footprint is another advantage of DDR5, coupled with its enhanced energy efficiency achieved through optimized voltage utilization. However, compatibility must be considered – DDR4 and DDR5 are not interchangeable. While DDR4 may be more cost-effective, DDR5 is the preferred option for cutting-edge computing demands. DDR4 is suitable for basic tasks and budget-sensitive contexts, whereas DDR5 excels in demanding applications and performance-oriented requirements.

    Q: How do I choose the right mini PC for my needs?
    A: Consider your intended use (e.g., general computing, gaming, media center), performance requirements, budget, and connectivity options when selecting a mini PC. Research specifications and read reviews to find the best fit. You also can contact our sales team for recommendation.

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