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Can Mini PC Run All the Time Like a Server PC?

As a mini PC manufacturer in China, we often encounter questions from customers about the capabilities and limitations of our products. One of the most common inquiries is whether a mini PC can run all the time like a server PC. The answer, in essence, is yes. A mini PC, if properly designed and

Laser Engraving LOGO Customization - Servicio OEM para Mini PC

Custom Content: LOGO, Pattern, Phone Number, Website Link, etc. Customized Color: Monochrome Compatible Material: Aluminum Alloy Minimum Order Quantity: Free for orders of 10 units mini PC Lead Time: 1 days Files format required: PSD, AI, CDR or PNG Remark: PNG files needs large format and transparent background Advantages: 1. Unlimited content, you

Is Mini PC Worth Buying? Insights From Roaweo Team

As a professional mini computer manufacturer in China, Roaweo has always been committed to providing high-performance, high-quality products to meet the diverse needs of customers. Today, we will discuss whether Mini PC is worth buying from the perspective of the Roaweo team. First, let's look at the advantages of Mini PCs. Compared with traditional

Roaweo to Showcase Innovative Mini PC Solutions at Computex 2024

Roaweo, a mini PC producer, dedicated to providing high-quality mini PC products and solutions to clients around the world, is excited to announce that we will be attending the Taipei Computex show in June 2024. The detailed arrangement is shown below: Exhibition date: 4th ~ 7th of June Booth number: S0303 Area: InnoVEX Address: …

2024 Qingming Festival Holiday Announcement

As the traditional Qingming Festival is approaching, we would like to inform you of our upcoming holiday schedule for this special occasion. Qingming Festival holiday : April 4th, 2024 ~ April 6th, 2024 The Qingming Festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day, is a time for honoring our ancestors, paying respects to those who have

Can Mini PCs Replace Your Bulky Desktops?

In today's fast-paced digital world, technology is constantly evolving, and the desktop computer has long been a mainstay of computing power. But with the rise of mini PCs, many are wondering if these diminutive devices can truly replace their bulky desktops. We, at Roaweo team, are excited to explore this question with you. The

Mini PC Youtube

Nº de pieza. X30 Operation System Windows 10/ Windows 11/ Windows 10 LTSC empresarial 2019/ 2021/ Linux (Versión de prueba) On board CPU Intel Celeron N100 processor, Quad-core & Hilo cuádruple, upto 3.4GHz RAM (DDR4) 8GB (16GB opcional) ROM (NVMe) 128GB (256GB/ 512GB/ 1TB optional) Network Ethernet 1000M Wi-Fi, IEEE802.11 ac Bluetooth 4.0 Interfaces USB 3.0* 2 …

Is A Mini PC Better Than A Laptop? Which One Should You Choose?

At Roaweo Team, we specialize in the import and export of high-quality mini PCs. As part of our commitment to providing our customers with the best products and information, we often get asked: "Is mini PC better than laptop?" In this article, we'll delve into the pros and cons of mini PCs and laptops

Creating an Immersive Home Theater Experience with Roaweo Mini PCs

As we all know, mini PCs are the perfect fit for the modern home. They are compact yet powerful devices that can fit into any home entertainment setup, whether it's a living room, den, or even a bedroom. Plus, with their small form factor, they can be easily integrated into any home decor, making

Roaweo's 2024 Chinese New Year Holiday Announcement

As the Spring Festival is approaching, Roaweo company is about to usher in the annual Spring Festival holiday. On this festive occasion, we would like to extend our most sincere blessings and greetings to everyone. As outlined in the 2024 China Public Holidays Notice, Roaweo is pleased to share our upcoming holiday schedule: Spring

What is The Purpose of Mini PCs in Education Sector?

In the modern world of technology, education is constantly evolving, and adapting to new innovations and trends. One such trend is the integration of smart technology into the classroom, transforming traditional teaching methods into a more interactive and engaging experience. Mini PCs are playing a pivotal role in this transformation as versatile tools for

Día de la fiesta de Año Nuevo del equipo Roaweo

On January 3, Roaweo team participated in the interesting activities of Party Day initiated by Sunany Group. On that day, 52 members gathered at Pinghu Wanda Plaza to enjoy the energetic event. At the start of the event, 52 members were divided into two teams: the Pink Team and the Green Team. The event

Roaweo presentará el último Mini PC en COMPUTEX y GITEX 2024

Roaweo se complace en anunciar su participación en dos importantes exposiciones en 2024: COMPUTEX y GITEX. COMPUTEX está programado para llevarse a cabo en Taipei, Taiwán, a partir de junio 4-7. Adicionalmente, Roaweo debutará en InnoVEX, un componente importante de COMPUTEX. Roaweo 's presence in the InnoVEX exhibition provides an ideal platform to showcase

Una guía rápida para conectar las clavijas del interruptor de encendido en las placas base de mini PC

Como fabricante de mini PC, Nos hemos encontrado con clientes que quieren saber cómo conectar los pines del interruptor de encendido en la placa base de la mini computadora. El propósito es principalmente extender la longitud del interruptor de encendido, especialmente en algunos entornos industriales, donde esta operación es muy significativa. Roaweo engineers discussed this and summarized

Equipo Roaweo: Viaje inolvidable por Hunan: Abrazar la cultura, Naturaleza y Gastronomía

From November 14th to 19th, 2023, Roaweo team and Sunany group embarked on an immersive journey through Hunan, delving into the province's rich cultural and natural wonders. The Journey began in Changsha, where we immersed ourselves in the city's culture and scenic treasures. Visits to Juzizhoutou, Yuelu Mountain, Yuelu Academy, and Ancient Kaifu Temple

Why Cannot Graphics Cards in Mini PCs be Upgraded?

Sometimes customers inquire with Roaweo sales team: Can mini computers be equipped with independent graphics cards or can users upgrade the graphics cards themselves? The answer is no. In many cases, mini computers are too compact to accommodate a discrete graphics card, and the built-in graphics card is integrated into the CPU, making user

Roaweo Team's 2023 Team-building Trip in Hunan

Roaweo Team and Sunany Group are excited to announce our team-building trip in Hunan Province, China in November 2023. While our office is briefly closed during this time, we're dedicated to meeting your essential inquiries. We firmly believe that team-building activities are fundamental to our company's culture, promoting collaboration, nurturing creativity, and strengthening the

Can Mini PCs be Powered By Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switch?

Some mini PCs can be powered by a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, but it depends on the specific mini PC's design and whether it supports PoE. PoE is a technology that allows both power and data to be transmitted over an Ethernet cable, typically using a PoE switch or injector. This can be

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