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2024 International Labor Day Holiday Announcement

With International Labor Day just around the corner, we want to inform you about our holiday schedule at Roaweo. International Labor Day holiday time: May 1st, 2024 ~ May 5th, 2024 International Labor Day is a significant occasion commemorating the contributions of workers worldwide and the achievements of the labor movement. It serves as

Roaweo to Showcase Innovative Mini PC Solutions at Computex 2024

Roaweo, a mini PC producer, dedicated to providing high-quality mini PC products and solutions to clients around the world, is excited to announce that we will be attending the Taipei Computex show in June 2024. The detailed arrangement is shown below: Exhibition date: 4th ~ 7th of June Booth number: S0303 Area: InnoVEX Address: …

¿Es mejor un mini PC que un portátil?? ¿Cuál deberías elegir??

En el equipo de Roaweo, nos especializamos en la importación y exportación de mini PC de alta calidad. Como parte de nuestro compromiso de proporcionar a nuestros clientes los mejores productos e información, we often get asked: "Is mini PC better than laptop?" In this article, we'll delve into the pros and cons of mini PCs and laptops

¿Cómo elegir un mini PC Barebone adecuado para usted?

En el mundo tecnológico actual, en constante evolución,, elegir el Mini PC Barebone que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades es crucial. Como fabricante profesional de Mini PC, Roaweo is committed to providing customized solutions to meet various business and personal needs. Let’s explore together how to choose the Barebone Mini PC that’s best for you and unlock unlimited

Roaweo’s Chinese New Year’s Greetings in Year of The Dragon

As the Chinese New Year 2024 is approaching, we at Roaweo would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you and share our major achievements in 2023. Since Roaweo became independent from Sunany in the second half of 2022, we have specialized in manufacturing and exporting mini PC products. In just

Mini Gaming PC i5

Nº de pieza. X50 Operation System Windows 10/ Windows 11/ Windows 10 LTSC empresarial 2019/ 2021/ Linux (Versión de prueba) On board CPU Intel Core i5-10210U, Quad-core and eight-thread, upto 4.2GHz RAM (DDR4) 8GB (16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB optional) ROM (NVMe SSD) 256GB (512GB/ 1TB/ 2TB/ 4TB optional) Network Ethernet 1000M Wi-Fi 6, IEEE802.11 ax Interfaces USB

Why is a Button Cell Battery Included in Mini PCs?

Nestled within the confines of Mini PCs lies a humble button cell battery, performing the crucial role of powering the real-time clock (RTC) and ensuring the seamless operation of the device's internal timekeeping and calendar functions. The RTC holds a pivotal role within the Mini PC realm, diligently documenting transaction timestamps and dates, an

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