Producteur d’ordinateurs industriels professionnels

Roaweo mini computer product boasts CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications.
In addition to these certifications, Roaweo holds registered trademarks and several patents, demonstrating our commitment to innovation, product excellence, and customer satisfaction.

Only some of the certificates are shown here. For more certificates, please consult the Roaweo team. We also welcome you to visit Roaweo company.

Kindly click the links below to download the certifications and test reports

Product Certification - CE
CE-EMC Test Report
Product Certification - FCC
FCC Test Report
Product Certification - RoHS
RoHS Test Report


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  • Roaweo est un producteur professionnel de mini-ordinateurs à Shenzhen, Chine. Nous sommes un fournisseur de solutions matérielles mini pc digne de confiance


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