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Mini PC industriel X86 Ordinateur de bureau i5 Mini
Ordinateur de bureau i5 Mini
  • i5 4th generation Mini Desktop Computer
  • i5 4200U Mini Desktop Computer
  • i5 4210U Mini Desktop Computer
  • i5 4250U Mini Desktop Computer
  • i5 4300U Mini Desktop Computer
  • Ordinateur de bureau i5 Mini

    1. i5 4th generation processor, cost-effective mini desktop computer solutions
    2. Suitable for industrial control, daily office work, small games, stock trading, etc.

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    N° de pièce. C40
    Système d’exploitation Windows 7/ Windows 10/ Windows 10 LTSC d’entreprise 2019/ 2021/ Linux (Version d’essai)
    Processeur embarqué Intel Core i5-4200U, Processeur double cœur & Quadruple filetage, Upto 2.6GHz
    BÉLIER (DDR3L) 4GO (8GB en option)
    ROM (mSATA (en anglais seulement)) 64GO (128GB/ 256GB/ 512GB/ 1TB en option)
    Réseau Ethernet 1000M
    Wi-Fi, IEEE802,11 ac
    Bluetooth 4.0
    Interfaces USB 3.0* 4
    Le RS232 (COM)* 2
    Le port RJ45 (LAN)* 2
    HDMI* 1
    VGA* 1
    Audio* 1
    Entrée CC* 1 (12V 5A)
    Informations sur l’emballage Poids net: 1.25Kg
    Poids brut: 1.75Kg (Accessoires inclus)
    Taille de l’emballage: 23*18*14Cm





    Q: Is it possible to have the Windows XP or Windows 7 operating system pre-installed on the micro PC?
    Un: Oui, it is possible, but we don't recommend it. As you may know, Microsoft has stopped providing updates and technical support for the Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems. Continuing to use them could expose you to security risks and uncertainties. Donc, we strongly suggest upgrading to the latest operating system.

    Q: Are mini PCs suitable for multitasking?
    Un: Oui, our mini PCs can handle multitasking well, depending on their specifications. Models with higher RAM and more powerful processors will perform better in multitasking scenarios.

    Q: What is the typical capacity of an mSATA SSD?
    Un: Typiquement, the minimum capacity is 64GB, and it goes up from there to 128GB, 256GO, 512GO, and 1024GB.

    Q: What's the difference between a touchscreen display and a Pole display?
    Un: In terms of where they're used, a touchscreen display is typically placed on the operator's side, while a Pole display is positioned for the customer; when it comes to their features, touchscreen displays have larger screens with ample visual space, whereas Pole displays have smaller screens primarily for showing essential information to customers.

    Q: Why does the aluminum alloy casing of a mini computer become hot during operation?
    Un: The processor generates a substantial amount of heat while functioning, and in compact mini computer structures, the aluminum alloy casing assumes the role of heat dissipation. In fanless mini computer designs, the processor's temperature is even conducted directly to the aluminum alloy casing. Thus, it's perfectly normal for the casing to feel hot when the mini computer is operational.


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