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Nouvelles Roaweo C70 & C80: Améliorer l’efficacité industrielle avec les solutions GPIO

Roaweo C70 & C80: Améliorer l’efficacité industrielle avec les solutions GPIO

Octobre 3, 2023     Nouvelles

Entrée/sortie à usage général (Objets de stratégie de groupe) La technologie trouve un large éventail d’applications dans les ordinateurs de contrôle industriels et la vision industrielle. Les C70 et C80 nouvellement développés et conçus par Roaweo ont des interfaces GPIO conviviales intégrées. Le C70, équipé d’un processeur Intel Core i3 de 4e et 5e génération, i5, et processeurs i7, présente une solution économique. À l’inverse,, le C80, incorporating Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors from the 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th generations, delivers a high-performance solution.

So what are the application scenarios of the GPIO interface? Let us discuss it below

Industrial Automation Control: Industrial computers are frequently integrated with an array of sensors and actuators to regulate production lines, machinery, and equipment. GPIO ports enable seamless communication with sensors such as temperature sensors, photoelectric sensors, pressure sensors, and actuators like motors, valves, and lights, facilitating automated control.

Machine Vision Systems: Machine vision systems often require interfacing with cameras, lighting, and other external devices. Through GPIO ports, industrial computers can initiate image capture, control lighting intensity, and trigger shutter actions. This functionality is pivotal for tasks such as detection, measurement, and quality control.

Data Acquisition and Sensor Interfaces: Industrial computers are commonly used for monitoring environmental variables, data collection, and sensing. GPIO ports are employed to connect a variety of sensors, including temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, et plus encore, for real-time data acquisition. This data can be be harnessed for process control, monitoring, and alarm systems.

Mechanical Control and Motion Control: In the realm of machine vision and automation, industrial computers leverage GPIO ports to govern the motion of mechanical components, including stepper motors, servo motors, and actuators. This precision is vital for accurate position control and motion management.

Alarm and Notification Systems: GPIO ports are also utilized to trigger alarms and notifications, ranging from audible alerts and flashing lights to sending notification messages. This capability proves invaluable in safety and monitoring applications, such as identifying equipment malfunctions, hazardous conditions, or other critical events.

Custom Hardware Interfaces: Tailored applications occasionally demand customized hardware interfaces, and GPIO ports offer a cost-effective solution for this purpose. GPIO ports on industrial computers can typically be configured to meet the specific needs of diverse applications.

In addition to these, Roaweo has made several additional considerations to cater to industrial users' needs. For instance, both the C70 and C80 feature a fully enclosed, fanless design, ensuring uninterrupted operation in industrial environments without concerns about dust and debris contamination. Moreover, to enhance compatibility with various devices, a wide voltage power supply module of 9~36V has been incorporated. The C80 even incorporates an automatic power-on switch, streamlining operational processes. We are confident that these solutions can significantly enhance efficiency and security for your applications.




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