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Roaweo Team Table Tennis Competition Ended Successfully

Table tennis is one of the favorite sports of the Roaweo team. In order to let everyone relax at work, the Roaweo team and Sunany Group held a table tennis competition together on July 11. Ce jour-là, 52 team members gathered at the table tennis table of Sunany Group to enjoy the passionate

Pourquoi le mini ordinateur de poche peut ne pas s’allumer après de longues périodes d’inactivité?

If the mini pocket computer is not used for a long time, it may not be able to turn on. What is the reason? How to solve it? Follow Roaweo to take a look! If the mini pocket computer isn't turning on after being unused for a long time, it could be due to

How to Run Multiple Virtual Machines and Operating Systems on a Mini PC?

In recent years, mini PCs have become more and more popular among users because of their small size, portability, and powerful performance. After purchasing Roaweo's mini PC, many users want to run multiple virtual machines and operating systems on such a small device to meet different work and entertainment needs. So, how to realize

L’impact des interférences électromagnétiques sur les mini-ordinateurs industriels

Various sources of electromagnetic interference exist in industrial environments, including motors, inverters, and wireless communication equipment. Prolonged exposure to these environments can significantly impact the performance and stability of industrial mini computers. The following is the main impact of electromagnetic interference on industrial mini computers summarized by the Roaweo team. Electromagnetic interference may cause

Roaweo Products Debuted at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024

The COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024 was held at Halls 1 et 2 of the Nangang Exhibition Center from June 4 À 7. As Asia's most representative professional information technology exhibition, the 2024 COMPUTEX TAIPEI brought together 1,500 leading technology companies from around the world, with a total of 14 exhibition areas and 4,500 booths, attracting

How to Fix “The Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration” Error on Mini Desktop Computer

Comme nous le savons tous, mini desktop computers need to be connected to the network to carry out other projects, but in our daily use of mini desktop computers, we may encounter the "Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration" error. Without a valid IP address, the mini desktop computer will not be able

Can a Home Theater Mini PC be Connected to a TV and How to Do That?

We recently received some inquiries from customers regarding “Can the Roaweo home theater mini PC (HTPC) be connected to a TV?, the answer is of course yes. As a fusion device, Home theater mini PC (HTPC) not only integrates some or all functions of a personal PC, but also focuses on multimedia applications such

Roaweo Team Fun-Filled Two-Day Trip in Qingyuan

From May 25th to 26th, 2024, the Roaweo team embarked on an exciting trip to Qingyuan together with the Sunany Group. This trip allowed everyone to relax, relieve work pressure, and enhance mutual understanding among colleagues. At nine o'clock in the morning on May 25th, we packed up and drove to Qingyuan. After a

eMMC vs SSD: Quel est le meilleur pour les mini-PC

À l’ère du numérique, Des périphériques de stockage efficaces et stables sont cruciaux pour tout appareil informatique. En tant que fabricant professionnel de mini-PC, Roaweo understands the importance of storage solutions to meet various application needs. This article will explore eMMC and SSD storage technologies to help you make the best choice based on your specific needs. …

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