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Comment garder les mini-PC au frais et efficaces ?

En tant que membre de l’équipe Roaweo, nous comprenons que les clients sont de plus en plus préoccupés par les performances de refroidissement des mini-PC. Dans cet article, nous verrons si les mini-PC sont sujets à la surchauffe et comment maintenir l’efficacité du refroidissement des mini-PC. Les mini-PC surchauffent-ils facilement ?? The Mini PC's compact design and high-performance components

Dépannage des problèmes de mise en réseau courants dans les mini-PC

As a dedicated mini PC manufacturer, Roaweo understands that network connectivity is critical to your work and entertainment experience. Dans cet article, we would like to share some common network connection problems and their solutions to help you better use our products. 1. Unable to Connect to A Wi-Fi Network Issue: When you try

Inability to Boot Micro Mini Computer - Operating System Startup Failure

Failure to start the operating system is a common failure of micro mini computers. It generally means that the micro mini computer starts, but cannot load the operating system, displays an error message or black screen. There are many factors that may cause this problem. Based on experience, the Roaweo support team believes that

A Quick Guide for Connecting Power Switch Pins on Mini PC Motherboards

As a mini PC manufacturer, we have encountered customers who want to know how to connect the power switch pins on the mini computer motherboard. The purpose is mostly to extend the length of the power switch, especially in some industrial environments, where this operation is very meaningful. Roaweo engineers discussed this and summarized

Troubleshooting Common Blue Screen Error Codes in Windows OS

Blue Screen error codes, also known as STOP codes or Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) errors, are error messages displayed by the Windows operating system of mini pc when it encounters a severe issue. Each blue screen code represents a different type of error, and therefore, the solutions vary accordingly. Here are some common

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