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Application of Industrial Mini Computer With Wide Voltage Interface
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Application of Industrial Mini Computer With Wide Voltage Interface

Knowledge     December 29, 2023
Recently Roaweo has released two industrial mini computer models, C70 & C80, which share some common features, such as GPIO interfaces and a wide-voltage interface (9V~36V). We have already published an article focusing on GPIO technology, and this article will introduce you to the wide-voltage technology utilized in our C70 and C80 industrial mini …

Navigating the Key Features of Roaweo Embedded Computers

Knowledge, Support     December 22, 2023
Roaweo's mini PCs are known for their small size, low power consumption and high reliability, making them suitable for use in a variety of embedded applications. As we all know, embedded computers are more targeted and specialized than conventional computer systems. This article mainly explores the key features of Roaweo's embedded computers. 1. Compact …

A Quick Guide for Connecting Power Switch Pins on Mini PC Motherboards

Knowledge     December 9, 2023
As a mini PC manufacturer, we have encountered customers who want to know how to connect the power switch pins on the mini computer motherboard. The purpose is mostly to extend the length of the power switch, especially in some industrial environments, where this operation is very meaningful. Roaweo engineers discussed this and summarized …

What Causes Mini PC's CPU Overloaded And How to Fix High CPU Usage?

Knowledge     December 7, 2023
Among the previous inquiries received by Roaweo Team, some were about high CPU usage issues and seeking solutions to high CPU usage. In fact, there are several factors that can cause the CPU (Central Processing Unit) to become overloaded or experience increased usage. Here, Roaweo engineers provide specific solutions for different reasons based on …

Understanding GPIO Technology: Bridging the Digital and Physical Worlds

Knowledge     November 30, 2023
Since Roaweo released the C70 and C80 mini computers equipped with GPIO interfaces, they have received a lot of attention from clients. Roaweo developed these two products because with the development of embedded systems and IoT technology, GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) interfaces are increasingly used in various devices. The GPIO interface is a general-purpose …

Why Cannot Graphics Cards in Mini PCs be Upgraded?

Knowledge     November 11, 2023
Sometimes customers inquire with Roaweo sales team: Can mini computers be equipped with independent graphics cards or can users upgrade the graphics cards themselves? The answer is no. In many cases, mini computers are too compact to accommodate a discrete graphics card, and the built-in graphics card is integrated into the CPU, making user …

What Distinguishes an IPC(Industrial Personal Computer)from a Commercial PC?

Knowledge     October 23, 2023
As we all know, an IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) and a commercial PC are both computing devices, but they are designed for different purposes and have several key distinctions. This article aims to help you understand the difference between these two types of personal computer. 1. Purpose and Environment: IPC: IPCs are designed for …

Can Mini PCs be Powered By Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switch?

Knowledge     October 5, 2023
Some mini PCs can be powered by a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, but it depends on the specific mini PC's design and whether it supports PoE. PoE is a technology that allows both power and data to be transmitted over an Ethernet cable, typically using a PoE switch or injector. This can be …

Is A Mini PC Suitable for Use As A "In-Car Computer"

Knowledge     October 5, 2023
Yes, you can use a mini PC as an "in-car computer" or carputer in your vehicle. Carputers are becoming increasingly popular and can serve various purposes, including entertainment, navigation, diagnostics, and more. To set up an on-board computer, you need to consider factors such as power source (usually via the car battery), mounting options, …

Why is a Button Cell Battery Included in Mini PCs?

Knowledge     October 2, 2023
Nestled within the confines of Mini PCs lies a humble button cell battery, performing the crucial role of powering the real-time clock (RTC) and ensuring the seamless operation of the device's internal timekeeping and calendar functions. The RTC holds a pivotal role within the Mini PC realm, diligently documenting transaction timestamps and dates, an …

How to Figure Out the Actual Capacity of SSD?

Knowledge     September 12, 2023
In addition to the processor, when purchasing a mini PC, everyone also pays attention to the capacity of RAM and SSD. Now, let us elaborate the definition of SSD. The capacity of an SSD refers to the maximum data storage capability of a solid-state drive. This pertains solely to the user-accessible storage and excludes …

Unlocking Possibilities with Mini Computers Featuring Multiple Ethernet Ports

Knowledge     August 4, 2023
In the dynamic world of networking and connectivity, groundbreaking solutions have opened doors to new possibilities. A prime example is Roaweo's line of mini computers equipped with multiple Ethernet ports. These compact yet powerful devices have penetrated various sectors, revolutionizing connectivity and efficiency. 1. Network Management and Security Mini computers boasting multiple Ethernet ports …

What is the VESA standard for Mini PC

Knowledge     July 7, 2023
The VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) standard is a set of technical specifications that define various aspects of video and display-related technologies. VESA's standards are widely adopted in the electronics industry to ensure compatibility and interoperability among different devices and components. The VESA standard covers a range of areas, including display resolutions, interfaces, mounting …

The Difference Between M.2 SATA and mSATA for Mini PCs

Knowledge     June 22, 2023
M.2 SATA and mSATA are commonly applied to compact devices like mini PCs. While they share similar purposes, they are not interchangeable due to distinct characteristics. Here's a breakdown of the differences between M.2 SATA and mSATA: Interface: M.2 SATA SSDs support both SATA and PCIe interfaces, offering greater flexibility. mSATA SSDs exclusively utilize …

Revealing the Role of Serial Ports in Mini Computers

Knowledge     June 13, 2023
In the dynamic realm of computing, the significance of serial ports within mini computers has captured considerable attention. Despite their unassuming nature, these components play a pivotal role in fostering connectivity and adaptability across various applications. Roaweo, a distinguished hardware manufacturer and solution provider, comprehends the pivotal role of serial ports and has maintained …

Pole Customer Monitors: Elevating Customer Interaction Across Industries

Knowledge     April 5, 2023
In today's dynamic business landscape, effective communication between businesses and customers stands as a paramount priority. In this ever-evolving ecosystem, versatile devices have found their niche in various sectors, with Pole Customer Monitors emerging as pivotal conduits for interaction. In this article, we delve into the myriad applications of Pole Customer Monitors across diverse …

Capacitive & Resistive Touch Screen: What is The Difference Between Them?

Knowledge     March 30, 2023
As the demand for touch devices continues to rise, a multitude of touchscreen sensor solutions have emerged. Nevertheless, two of the most traditional and widely adopted technologies, resistive and capacitive touchscreens, still maintain their dominance in the market. Here are a few key points highlighting the primary distinctions between Resistive and Capacitive touchscreen sensors. …

Understanding NVMe SSD Technology

Knowledge     March 20, 2023
As we all know, SATA and NVMe are the most common SSD types. With the continuous advancement of NVMe SSD technology, its speed and experience are very good, and the price is not too expensive compared to SATA SSD. Roaweo uses NVMe SSD in many new mini PC designs, such as the J6412, J6426, …
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