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How to Keep Mini PCs Cool and Efficient?
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How to Keep Mini PCs Cool and Efficient?

Troubleshooting     March 20, 2024
As a member of the Roaweo team, we understand that customers are increasingly concerned about the cooling performance of Mini PCs. In this article, we'll explore whether Mini PCs are prone to overheating and how to maintain Mini PC cooling efficiency. Do mini PCs overheat easily? The Mini PC's compact design and high-performance components …

Troubleshooting Common Networking Issues in Mini PCs

Troubleshooting     March 16, 2024
As a dedicated mini PC manufacturer, Roaweo understands that network connectivity is critical to your work and entertainment experience. In this article, we would like to share some common network connection problems and their solutions to help you better use our products. 1. Unable to Connect to A Wi-Fi Network Issue: When you try …

Inability to Boot Micro Mini Computer - Operating System Startup Failure

Troubleshooting     January 29, 2024
Failure to start the operating system is a common failure of micro mini computers. It generally means that the micro mini computer starts, but cannot load the operating system, displays an error message or black screen. There are many factors that may cause this problem. Based on experience, the Roaweo support team believes that …

Windows operating system on Mini Computers: Activation Issues

Troubleshooting     October 6, 2023
The Windows operating system can be activated through a digital license or a 25-character product key. When you acquire a Roaweo Mini Computer with a digital license, it signifies that your Windows operating system has been permanently activated. However, there are instances where the Windows operating system on a Mini Computer may encounter activation …

Troubleshooting Common Blue Screen Error Codes in Windows OS

Troubleshooting     September 12, 2023
Blue Screen error codes, also known as STOP codes or Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) errors, are error messages displayed by the Windows operating system of mini pc when it encounters a severe issue. Each blue screen code represents a different type of error, and therefore, the solutions vary accordingly. Here are some common …

How to Troubleshoot a Non-working Mini PC?

Troubleshooting     May 5, 2023
The Mini PC, a smart micro computer, has gained widespread popularity due to its small form factor and potent capabilities. When your Mini PC encounters unexpected issues, a series of troubleshooting steps can be taken to address the problem: Power Check: Begin by confirming the power cord and adapter connections. Ensuring that the Mini …
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