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NUC With 128GB RAM
  • Windows 11 NUC With 128GB RAM
  • Good price NUC With 128GB RAM
  • Intel Celeron J6426 NUC With 128GB RAM
  • NUC With 128GB RAM 4k output
  • NUC With 128GB RAM cost
  • NUC With 128GB RAM

    1. Equipped with smart silent fan, supports 7*24 hours continuous operation.
    2. feature Intel 12th generation processors, 10nm lithography and 4 cores and 4 threads.

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    Part No. X30
    Operation System Windows 10/ Windows 11/ Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019/ 2021/ Linux (trial version)
    On board CPU Intel Celeron J6426, Quad-core & Quad-thread, upto 3.0GHz
    RAM (DDR4) 8GB (4GB optional)
    ROM (NVMe) 128GB (256GB/ 512GB/ 1TB optional)
    Network Ethernet 1000M
    Wi-Fi, IEEE802.11 ac
    Bluetooth 4.0
    Interfaces USB 3.0* 2
    USB 2.0* 6
    RJ45 (LAN)* 2
    HDMI* 2 (Max: 4096 x 2160@60Hz)
    DP* 1 (Max: 4096 x 2160@60Hz)
    MIC in* 1
    Audio out* 1
    DC in* 1 (12V 5A)
    Packing Info Net weight: 0.62kg
    Gross weight: 1.35kg (Included accessories)
    Packing size: 19*15*12cm




    Q: Are mini PCs suitable for multitasking?
    A: Yes, our mini PCs can handle multitasking well, depending on their specifications. Models with higher RAM and more powerful processors will perform better in multitasking scenarios.

    Q: What are the features of a fanless-designed mini computer?
    A: With the elimination of a fan, a fanless-designed mini computer operates silently, making it an excellent choice for environments that demand quietness. Furthermore, this design minimizes the risk of the entire system becoming nonfunctional due to fan failures.

    Q: Should I buy SATA SSD or NVMe?
    A: It depends on your needs. Compared to traditional storage interfaces like SATA, NVMe provides significantly faster performance. It leverages the PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) interface, allowing for direct communication between the CPU and the SSD. This results in reduced latency and improved overall system responsiveness.

    Q: Can you customize my logo on the mini PC packaging box?
    A: Yes, we can. Adding your logo to our existing packaging box requires a minimum order quantity of only 200 units, and it's free of charge once you meet the MOQ.

    Q: What distinguishes the PD101 pole customer display?
    A: The PD101 is equipped with a 10.1-inch high-brightness IPS LCD display featuring a resolution of 1280*800. Its moderate 10.1-inch screen size renders it an ideal fit for a range of scenarios, including reception windows, payment counters, and checkout desks.

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