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News Roaweo Launches New Product Series - Industrial Embedded Tablets

Roaweo Launches New Product Series - Industrial Embedded Tablets

June 3, 2024     News

With the rapid development of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, the demand for industrial-embedded tablets as crucial tools for industrial control and data collection is growing. To better meet the needs of various industrial scenarios, Roaweo's engineering team has developed and launched a new series of industrial-embedded tablets. This new product includes three different series: the D series (Dynamic), I series (Iron), and U series (Ultra), aiming to provide customers with comprehensive solutions.

D Series: Cost-Effective Choice
The D series industrial tablet is built with sheet metal craftsmanship, equipped with Intel Celeron to Core 5th generation processors, and adopts a natural heat dissipation design to ensure stable operation of the equipment. Its cost-effective characteristics make it the preferred choice for low-cost industrial solutions. Whether it is an MES system or other basic industrial applications, the D series industrial tablet can provide stable and reliable performance support for basic industrial applications.

I Series: Performance Choice
The I series industrial tablet adopts aluminum alloy die-casting technology, with a stylish appearance and durability. Equipped with Intel Celeron to Core 10th generation processors, fanless design combined with aluminum alloy backshell heat dissipation to ensure efficient operation of the equipment in a quiet state. The I series industrial tablet has become an ideal choice for industrial solutions with its balance of performance and cost.

U Series: High-End Choice
The U series industrial tablet adopts a thickened aluminum alloy die-casting process, showing high-end quality. Equipped with Intel Celeron to Core 13th generation processors, the fanless design combined with thickened aluminum alloy backshell heat dissipation and copper pipe heat conduction technology ensures stable operation even in extreme environments. The U series industrial tablet provides powerful performance support for high-end industrial applications and is the first choice for industrial automation control, intelligent manufacturing, and other advanced fields.

Roaweo always adheres to the "customer first" service concept and provides customized solutions for customers. Different Intel CPU models can be customized according to customer needs to meet various industrial application requirements. Additionally, the modular design allows users to choose different screen sizes according to their needs, ranging from 10.1 inches to 23.6 inches, with options for square or widescreen displays. The ten-point touch capacitive screen provides users with a more sensitive and convenient operation experience. The dust-proof, shock-proof, and waterproof screen design ensures stable operation in various harsh environments. Furthermore, Roaweo also provides rich interface and scalability options, such as GPIO, and 9~36V wide voltage input, to achieve more industrial functions.

In terms of application scenarios, the Roaweo industrial tablet series can be widely used in various industrial fields, including machine vision, highway lane control, mechanical inspection equipment, intelligent transportation, smart factories, intelligent power control, CNC equipment manufacturing, environmental protection inspection, pharmaceutical equipment, wind power inspection, industrial automation control, and more.

The new industrial-embedded tablets are expected to enter mass production in mid-June. If you have any questions or requirements, please feel free to reach out to Meanwhile, our sales staff Sharon and Weele will also be at the Computex 2024 show to showcase this new series, please stay tuned!



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