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О нас

Who We Are

Роавео, a division of the Sunany Group, is dedicated to delivering high-quality mini computer solutions at competitive prices. The Roaweo brand offers a diverse range of models and specifications, including industrial mini PCs, gaming mini PCs, office mini PCs, and other mini computers used in various fields such as retail, hospitality, Промышленный контроль, образование, здравоохранение, Интернет вещей, and network management.

Since 2018, Sunany Group has been committed to researching and producing mini computers. В 2022, Roaweo emerged as an independent brand within the Sunany Group, marking a significant milestone in our journey. Over these years, Sunany has consistently delivered exceptional value to both our customers and partners. We provide not only standardized products but also customized designs and services tailored to our clients' unique requirements, ensuring that every user can access the ideal mini computer solution.

Roaweo is powered by a team of passionate and innovative professionals with extensive experience and technical expertise in the field of mini computers. Our dedication to quality is unwavering, demonstrated by our CE, FCC, and ROHS certifications. Furthermore, we strictly adhere to ISO9001 quality management standards in both production and quality control, guaranteeing that each product meets the highest quality standards.

What We Do

  • Partners and Supply Chain

    Partners and Supply Chain

    Since its founding in 2012, the group has cultivated invaluable partnerships with industry leaders like Intel, Realtek, Ilitek, and BOE, among others. These strategic alliances have played a pivotal role in our journey of growth and innovation. In tandem with our trusted partners, we have meticulously constructed a comprehensive supply chain system, which has become the cornerstone of our ability to consistently deliver high-quality and cost-effective products.
  • Research and Development

    Research and Development

    Roaweo 12-member R&D team is a dynamic mix of seasoned engineers, half of whom have gained extensive industry experience within our group, and recent graduates from reputable Chinese universities, all holding bachelor's degrees. In product R&D, we stay at the forefront of industry trends, showcasing our commitment to innovation. We leverage our extensive project experience to optimize functionality, structure, производительность, and efficiency, consistently delivering exceptional products that surpass expectations.
  • Production Capacity

    Production Capacity

    Roaweo manufactures up to 10,000 mini computers monthly, reflecting our commitment to efficiency and client satisfaction. Our skilled team of approximately 20 workers ensures the quality of each unit with meticulous attention to detail. Production takes place in our spacious 2,000-square-meter workshop, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that enable us to maintain high standards and work efficiently.
  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    Roaweo places a strong emphasis on quality control in the production of mini computers. We meticulously select internationally renowned components, including SSDs from Phison and Kingston, and RAM from Samsung, Sunany, and Kingston. Prior to being released, each unit undergoes a rigorous 48-hour aging test to ensure the reliability and performance of the entire system, rather than individual components. Дополнительно, Roaweo's products have obtained certifications including CE, FCC, and ROHS, further attesting to their adherence to international quality and safety standards.
  • Обслуживание OEM и ODM

    Обслуживание OEM и ODM

    For OEM, we offer extensive customization options, including branding with client logos, personalized boot-up screens, bespoke packaging, and tailored user manuals, all designed to enhance brand identity and customer experience. In ODM, Roaweo specializes in product development and design, meeting unique client specifications. This encompasses customized hardware configurations, adaptable form factors, and the creation of specialized features, allowing clients to drive innovation and product distinctiveness.
  • After-sales Service

    After-sales Service

    Roaweo is committed to exceptional post-sales support. We offer an extended 15-month warranty, and beyond the warranty period, we provide affordable maintenance services. Our 24/7 support team is always ready to assist, offering remote technical support, including video consultations, to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of satisfaction and product reliability. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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