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Can Mini PCs be Powered By Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switch?

October 5, 2023     Знание

Some mini PCs can be powered by a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, but it depends on the specific mini PC's design and whether it supports PoE. PoE is a technology that allows both power and data to be transmitted over an Ethernet cable, typically using a PoE switch or injector. This can be a convenient way to power and network devices, especially in situations where running separate power cables may be challenging.

After a long period of research, the Roaweo R&D team believes that it is feasible whether a mini PC can be powered by a PoE switch, but the following factors need to be considered:

PoE Support: Check if the mini PC has built-in PoE support. Look for information about PoE-compatible Ethernet ports or PoE power input. Some mini PCs, especially those designed for specific applications, may offer PoE compatibility.

PoE Injector or Splitter: If the mini PC doesn't have built-in PoE support, you may still be able to use PoE with the help of a PoE injector or splitter. A PoE injector adds power to the Ethernet cable, while a PoE splitter separates the power from the data at the device end. You'd need to ensure the mini PC is compatible with these PoE accessories.

Power Requirements: Mini PCs often have higher power requirements than what PoE can provide. PoE standards like 802.3af (PoE) typically provide up to 15.4 watts of power, while 802.3at (PoE+) can deliver up to 30 watts. Many mini PCs, especially those with more powerful processors and dedicated graphics, require more power than PoE can supply. Like our off-the-shelf mini PCs, the power of them can reach 35~60 watts, that has exceeded the limited power of PoE standard use.

While it's not impossible to power a mini PC using PoE, it would require a customized solution, such as a PoE splitter or an external PoE adapter, to convert the power from the PoE switch into a format that the mini PC can accept. Однако, this may not be practical or cost-effective for most mini PC setups.

The feasibility of using PoE to power a mini PC depends on the specific mini PC model, its power requirements, and the availability of a custom PoE solution. As a professional mini computer OEM and ODM manufacturer, Roaweo can provide customers with one-stop customized services. You are welcome to discuss new project planning with us.

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