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Блог eMMC против SSD: Что лучше для мини-ПК

eMMC против SSD: Что лучше для мини-ПК

Март 19, 2024     Блог

В цифровую эпоху, Эффективные и стабильные устройства хранения данных имеют решающее значение для любого вычислительного устройства. Как профессиональный производитель мини-ПК, Roaweo understands the importance of storage solutions to meet various application needs. This article will explore eMMC and SSD storage technologies to help you make the best choice based on your specific needs.

eMMC (Embedded Multi-Media Card) is an embedded flash memory card standard commonly used in embedded systems and mobile devices. As a compact, low-power solution, eMMC provides stable storage performance for mini PCs. Due to its embedded nature, eMMC requires no additional card slots or connectors, simplifying hardware design and reducing costs. Likewise, not being removable and replaceable is also its disadvantage. eMMC is suitable for application scenarios that do not have particularly high storage performance requirements, but require stable and reliable storage. For example, for Android platform, eMMC is an affordable and efficient choice.

In comparison, SSD (Solid State Drive) provides higher storage performance and faster read and write speeds. SSD uses flash memory chips as storage media and does not have the rotating parts of traditional mechanical hard drives, so it has higher durability and lower energy consumption. SSDs are ideal for applications that require processing large amounts of data, multitasking, or intensive graphics processing. Roaweo's mini PC is equipped with SSD, which can provide a smooth user experience, speed up system startup and application loading, and improve overall performance.

The Roaweo team believes that SSD is more suitable as a storage solution for most Mini PCs, which will facilitate your maintenance and upgrades. We have even designed 2 or more SSD slots for some models to improve the scalability of the mini PC product.

Следовательно, for X86 mini PC, SSD is the only choice. Perhaps in the subsequent Android mini PC design, we will consider eMMC.



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