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Can Mini PC Run All the Time Like a Server PC?

As a mini PC manufacturer in China, we often encounter questions from customers about the capabilities and limitations of our products. One of the most common inquiries is whether a mini PC can run all the time like a server PC. The answer, in essence, is yes. A mini PC, if properly designed and

2024 International Labor Day Holiday Announcement

With International Labor Day just around the corner, we want to inform you about our holiday schedule at Roaweo. International Labor Day holiday time: May 1st, 2024 ~ May 5th, 2024 International Labor Day is a significant occasion commemorating the contributions of workers worldwide and the achievements of the labor movement. It serves as

Is Mini PC Worth Buying? Insights From Roaweo Team

As a professional mini computer manufacturer in China, Roaweo has always been committed to providing high-performance, high-quality products to meet the diverse needs of customers. Today, we will discuss whether Mini PC is worth buying from the perspective of the Roaweo team. First, let's look at the advantages of Mini PCs. Compared with traditional

The Pros and Cons of Mini PCs for Compact Computing Solutions

In today's digital world, there is an increasing demand for compact computing solutions. Mini PCs, as a product category, have emerged as a popular choice for users seeking a smaller, yet powerful, computing device. В Роавео, we want to share our perspectives on the pros and cons of mini PCs for compact computing solutions. …

Roaweo to Showcase Innovative Mini PC Solutions at Computex 2024

Роавео, a mini PC producer, dedicated to providing high-quality mini PC products and solutions to clients around the world, is excited to announce that we will be attending the Taipei Computex show in June 2024. The detailed arrangement is shown below: Exhibition date: 4th ~ 7th of June Booth number: S0303 Area: InnoVEX Address: …

What is The Purpose of Mini PCs in Education Sector?

In the modern world of technology, education is constantly evolving, and adapting to new innovations and trends. One such trend is the integration of smart technology into the classroom, transforming traditional teaching methods into a more interactive and engaging experience. Mini PCs are playing a pivotal role in this transformation as versatile tools for

Why is a Button Cell Battery Included in Mini PCs?

Nestled within the confines of Mini PCs lies a humble button cell battery, performing the crucial role of powering the real-time clock (RTC) and ensuring the seamless operation of the device's internal timekeeping and calendar functions. The RTC holds a pivotal role within the Mini PC realm, diligently documenting transaction timestamps and dates, an

How to Figure Out the Actual Capacity of SSD?

In addition to the processor, when purchasing a mini PC, everyone also pays attention to the capacity of RAM and SSD. Now, let us elaborate the definition of SSD. The capacity of an SSD refers to the maximum data storage capability of a solid-state drive. This pertains solely to the user-accessible storage and excludes

Unlocking Possibilities with Mini Computers Featuring Multiple Ethernet Ports

In the dynamic world of networking and connectivity, groundbreaking solutions have opened doors to new possibilities. A prime example is Roaweo's line of mini computers equipped with multiple Ethernet ports. These compact yet powerful devices have penetrated various sectors, revolutionizing connectivity and efficiency. 1. Network Management and Security Mini computers boasting multiple Ethernet ports

How to Troubleshoot a Non-working Mini PC?

The Mini PC, a smart micro computer, has gained widespread popularity due to its small form factor and potent capabilities. When your Mini PC encounters unexpected issues, a series of troubleshooting steps can be taken to address the problem: Power Check: Begin by confirming the power cord and adapter connections. Ensuring that the Mini

Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Cases in Mini PCs

Aluminum alloy cases offer several advantages when used in mini PCs. These advantages stem from the unique properties of aluminum and its suitability for enclosures in electronic devices. Here are some key benefits: Durability and Sturdiness: Aluminum is a strong and durable material, making it well-suited for mini PC cases. It can withstand physical

New Year Greetings for 2023 & Holiday Announcement

As per the 2023 China Public Holidays Notice, Roaweo's New Year holiday schedule is as follows: 2023 New Year Holiday: Декабрь 31, 2022 - Январь 2, 2023 The year 2022 holds significant importance in Roaweo's development trajectory. Despite a global economic downturn, Roaweo has demonstrated remarkable growth. Surpassing our expectations, our performance in 2022 …

What is Wi-Fi 6 And Its Benefits for NUC

Nowadays, NUC is becoming popular in the market, and everyone is paying attention to this compact and high-performance mini computer. Usually, in addition to paying close attention to its hardware performance, the network speed provided by its network controller is also extremely important. Wireless network is the most important part, and high-performance NUCs are

Exploring Applications of Dual Ethernet and Dual Serial Port Mini Computers

Dual Ethernet and dual serial port mini computers, integral components of Roaweo's mini computer product line, have emerged as versatile solutions, transforming industries with their compact yet powerful capabilities. Among the notable offerings are the cost-effective J4125 and J6412 models, as well as the high-performance i3/i5/i7 solutions. Industrial Automation and Control These mini computers

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