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Теги i3-10110U mini pc

Краткое руководство по подключению контактов переключателя питания на материнских платах мини-ПК

As a mini PC manufacturer, we have encountered customers who want to know how to connect the power switch pins on the mini computer motherboard. The purpose is mostly to extend the length of the power switch, especially in some industrial environments, where this operation is very meaningful. Roaweo engineers discussed this and summarized

Why Cannot Graphics Cards in Mini PCs be Upgraded?

Sometimes customers inquire with Roaweo sales team: Can mini computers be equipped with independent graphics cards or can users upgrade the graphics cards themselves? The answer is no. In many cases, mini computers are too compact to accommodate a discrete graphics card, and the built-in graphics card is integrated into the CPU, making user

Why is a Button Cell Battery Included in Mini PCs?

Nestled within the confines of Mini PCs lies a humble button cell battery, performing the crucial role of powering the real-time clock (RTC) and ensuring the seamless operation of the device's internal timekeeping and calendar functions. The RTC holds a pivotal role within the Mini PC realm, diligently documenting transaction timestamps and dates, an

Виндоус 11 Мини-ПК

Часть No. X50 Operation System Windows 10/ Виндоус 11/ Виндоус 10 Корпоративный LTSC 2019/ 2021/ Линукс (Пробная версия) On board CPU Intel Core i3-10110U, Dual-core and four-thread, upto 4.1GHz RAM (Память DDR4) 8ГБ (16ГБ / 32 ГБ / 64 ГБ опционально) ПЗУ (Твердотельный накопитель NVMe) 256ГБ (512ГБ / 1 ТБ / 2 ТБ / 4 ТБ опционально) Сеть Ethernet 1000M Wi-Fi 6, IEEE802.11 ax Interfaces USB

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