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Multiple Benefits of Mini PC in Digital Signage Applications

We have encountered many customers who focus on digital signage solutions inquiring about mini PC products. Today, small computers play a key role in digital signage applications, providing multiple benefits to customers. The following are the main benefits of Mini PC in digital signage applications summarized by Roaweo's senior engineers based on years of …

Mini Gaming PC i5

Part No. X50 Operation System Windows 10/ Windows 11/ Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019/ 2021/ Linux (trial version) On board CPU Intel Core i5-10210U, Quad-core and eight-thread, upto 4.2GHz RAM (DDR4) 8GB (16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB optional) ROM (NVMe SSD) 256GB (512GB/ 1TB/ 2TB/ 4TB optional) Network Ethernet 1000M Wi-Fi 6, IEEE802.11 ax Interfaces USB …

Why is a Button Cell Battery Included in Mini PCs?

Nestled within the confines of Mini PCs lies a humble button cell battery, performing the crucial role of powering the real-time clock (RTC) and ensuring the seamless operation of the device's internal timekeeping and calendar functions. The RTC holds a pivotal role within the Mini PC realm, diligently documenting transaction timestamps and dates, an …

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