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Roaweo: Your Partner in Innovation, Transforming Industries with Professional Mini Computer Solutions


Roaweo, derived from "Roam" and "We Innovate," signifies a commitment to creating cutting-edge solutions that empower individuals and businesses to navigate the digital landscape seamlessly. The team will harness the expertise and experience of Sunany Group to deliver high-performance mini computers tailored to meet the unique demands of modern industries.

Located in Shenzhen, China, Roaweo represents a dynamic force in the technology sector, with a sharp focus on pioneering innovation in mini computer products. Our fundamental strengths revolve around providing a full spectrum of services, ranging from research and development to manufacturing and sales. We're strategically positioned to revolutionize a multitude of industries, including retail, industrial control, education, healthcare, and personal office use. Count on Roaweo for solutions that redefine your digital encounters

  • 2,070 Square Meters Workshop

  • 10,000 Units Monthly Productivity

  • Over 5 New Products Per Year

  • 1,100 OEM Project Experience


  • Retail & Hospitality

  • Industrial Control

    Industrial Control

  • Medical & Education

  • office and gaming

    Office & Gaming

  • Network & IoT

Core Values

  • Reasonable Pricing Strategy

    In terms of pricing,  there are numerous manufacturers in China, and their prices can vary widely. Roaweo doesn't offer the lowest prices, nor do we have the highest. However, we are committed to providing fair prices that match our product positioning and value.
    Our goal is simple: to offer well-crafted products that balance quality and affordability, making Roaweo a reliable choice for those seeking value and performance.

  • Delivery Promise

    With our seasoned team, Roaweo guarantees dependable deliveries. Our carefully nurtured supply chain ensures ample inventory and efficient production planning. This commitment to quality and punctuality remains unwavering, whether it's peak season or the off-season.
    We prioritize customer feedback, swiftly implementing improvements. Choosing Roaweo means not only receiving top-tier products but also witnessing our continuous growth with each delivery. Your satisfaction stands as our foremost priority.

  • Legal and Ethical Commitment

    Roaweo is dedicated to upholding legal and ethical standards:
    Using industry-standard materials for quality and safety, adhering to regulations.
    Maintaining policies that comply with laws, fostering transparency.
    Meeting tax obligations diligently, with timely payments.
    Prioritizing employee well-being, offering leave and minimal overtime.
    Upholding environmental responsibility, minimizing our ecological footprint.

  • Corporate Responsibility Pledge

    At Roaweo, We are dedicated to sustainable operations, ensuring enduring success. Our priority lies in cultivating a workplace that nurtures the well-being of our team members. We are unwavering in our commitment to serve our clients exceptionally and champion an altruistic spirit.
    Guided by our vision of establishing a corporate growth model that benefits all, we aim to solidify our position as an exceptional industry leader, thriving in harmony with society.

  • Roaweo is a professional mini computer producer in Shenzhen, China. We are a trustworthy mini pc hardware solution provider


    Tel: +86-755-28501690

    7F, Building 2, Pingji Avenue NO.13, Longgang, Shenzhen, China